10. Mai 2016

From Hamburg to the Highlands

A lot of driving the past two days. 

Hamburg to Amsterdam was pretty hot. 500 km on the Autobahn in 6,5 hours - not too bad for the car. Fuel consumption around 5.4 l/100km. 

It was hot. Really summer. Around Amsterdam the people were on their boats wearing swimwear and enjoying the first summer day. 

The Princess Seaways was delayed in departure for about two  hours. But the cruise itself was calm with a perfect sunset. We passed some oil platforms and soon woke up near the British coast at Newcastle. 

We drove up to Holy Island and took a street through the wade lands. Somewhat like Danish Island Rømø. 

Then we wanted to see the Bass Eock with the birds and the Castle ruins. Perfect blue sky - perfect. 

Traffic around Edinburgh was a nightmare and we last an hour. So we were late and arrived at Doune Castle only after they had already closed the gates. So no coconuts we could borrow .. 

The last 75 km were nice landscape with the first impressions of the Highlands. 

6. Mai 2016

#HIGHLNDR4 - R4 is well prepared for Roadtrip to Scotland

The car has been checked, final injenctions applied. The speedo sounded somewhat strange. Now, with Ballistol Oil injected into the speedo cable, much better. Well, like with us humans, 30+ years habv left their traces.

The car is prepared, and so are we. Some spare parts with us, a few films .. uhm.. SD cards for the cameras (www.classiccarphotos.de is waiting for input).

But first things first: Marie our R4 will be the brand ambassador for VClassic Car Photos at www.vosswerk.de next weekend. We will tell a story about icelandic classic car and transportation museums and enthusiasts together with a virtual roadtrip across the country from a driver's perspective. Should be fun for us and for Marie as Scotland is just the beginning. Iceland is still on the to do list with the tiny Renault 4.

17. April 2016

#HIGHLNDR4 - The Scottish Road Trip 2016

A great adventure is about to start soon. The car is prepared, the lenses cleaned.

Father (51) and son (17) will do a roadtrip across Scotland in Mai 2016.

First long distance drive will be 500 km Hamburg -Amsterdam to catch the ferry to Newcastle, where the adventure "driving on the other side of the road" will begin.

We will post from our journey. The car will be having WiFi and a PAYG card, so from time to time we send an update.

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